Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo Spealing

A long time reporter for the Portland area Andy works is the Editor-at-large @TPostMillennial. He also has a new book out called Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

BLM-ANTIFA Smash Car Window

A candlelight vigil organized by BLM-ANTIFA Portland, smashed a windshield. There were no arrest. Last night at a “candlelight vigil” organized by BLM-antifa in downtown Portland, a driver in a car w/a young child said one of the people dressed in black bloc jumped on & smashed his windshield. The others around him laughed. Police …

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Antifa pounds on their shields in Atlanta

Antifa pounded on shields in Atlanta to block out the sound of the Stop the Steal protest. The Stop the Steal is a group trying to ensure the 2020 elections are legit and legal and believe the Democrats used fraud to win the presidential election. Antifa black bloc militants pounded on their shields in Atlanta …

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