BLM And Police Brutality in India – Guest Post

BLM And Police Brutality In India – Can This Nightmare Be Stopped?

The problem of police brutality in India is becoming worse as the years are going by. Although the lockdown during the pandemic created a lot of awareness about this issue, it has been existing for years. In the month of July, a Muslim boy got beaten to death by the police in Tamil Nadu.


A disturbing report released by one of the country’s NGOs revealed that at least 5 people are killed daily as a result of police brutality in various parts of India. This is a growing nightmare that needs to be tackled sooner than later to save the country’s battered image.


Addressing this issue

The question still remains whether the flagrant violation of human rights by Indian police can be stopped. There are suggestions that experts have managed to put forward in recent times. Whether these can hold waters still remains to be seen though.


The role of the press

In every advanced country and society, the press has a very crucial role to play when it comes to protecting human rights. India is not an exception to this. Although its constitution talks about freedom of the press, it can be said that such hasn’t been the case in reality.


In other words, the press hasn’t been given the freedom to make reports involving police brutality as expected. Most of the time, police even kick against these reports and threaten press officials. It is a situation whereby people find it hard to express themselves without facing the dangers of being tortured.


Can celebrities really help?

Police brutality has become a nightmare in India because top figures have refused to give it serious attention. Top Indian celebrities have been strongly criticized in the past for not condemning such actions. Instead, they are concerned about gaining international recognition to boost their celebrity status.


This was clear when Omar Abdullah, an Indian politician tagged the country’s celebrities as “cowards” who were quick to make series of tweets about “Black Lives Matter” but have paid little or no attention to “Indian Lives” who are at the mercy of police force.


Clear interpretation of the law

It seems like the police are the only arm of government in India at the moment. It has the power to execute the law, interpret, and punish offenders without anyone protesting. A vivid judicial interpretation of the law will give the people some hope as things have gone out of hand. For instance, more than 100 custodial deaths were recorded in the year 2017. However, the convictions have been zero.


It is a situation that has reflected the power of the judicial arm of government in India. Until the roles of the various arms of government are clearly interpreted, things will continue to go wrong. There should be a system to checkmate the excesses of police officials.


Final words on Police Brutality in India

The suggestions above can help address this problem. It is a shame that one of the world’s most populous countries which are supposed to be researching for ways on how to fight poverty is now dealing with nightmares created by the police force.

For a complete list of events related to police brutality in India please see the list here.

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