BLM and the $5 million dollars Controversy

BLM - Black Lives Matter Sign
Protester Holding BLM sign

BLM, Black Lives Matter, the organization has come under scrutiny on how and where it spends its funds.  They have raised $5,000,ooo alone from one Go Fund Me campaign after the killing of George Floyd.  Now there are always at least two sides to every debate and with the Black Lives Matter the organization there is defiantly a debate raging on rather it is good or bad not just for black people but for America.

The groups supporting the organization BLM do so because they believe BLM supports of the black people, while those who don’t support the BLM organization claim it is a Marxist group with the intention of turning the US into a Marxist nation.  The orginization itself has raised millions from the deaths of black people like George Floyd and Dijon Kizzee.

The issues with BLM

There are some indicators to support this claim as followed.

  • The leaders have admitted they are trained Marxists.  You can check out the video here.
  • The organization spends money on things that may not seem a priority to a lot of black people for instance “Arts & Culture” which was listed by Kailee Scales the Managing Director of BLM Global Network as one of the top expenditures of BLM.
  • The organization also list growth and support of the local chapters of BLM but these local chapters appear to be more of a political front than actual support for the black communities.
  • BLM believes in the disruption of the nuclear family as a priority and indicates we should raise or children with a more village approach.  Now for some, this may seem logical since the mass majority of black children are raised in single-parent homes but this raises its own issue.  If someone wants a village to help raise their children then who decides what they are taught?  Who decides what is right and what is wrong?  Let’s face it as Americans we can barely agree on anything, trying to raise children with the help of the village would be a disaster.
  • Many also have the opinion that BLM is concentrated too much on transgender and feminist issues and not on issues that affect the black community.

We can all agree on that the lives of black people in the US or any country matter but what is reported about BLM the organization then it is time to find new leaders for the organization or a new organization alltogether.

Also, check out the two videos below for more information.

The short version

The long version

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