India Police Brutality Part 2 – Guest Post

India Police Brutality
Indian protesting for BLM and against India Police Brutality

India Police Brutality – What Does The Future Hold?

The issue of police brutality in India is beginning to become a major cause for concern. If there is one thing police officials have been able to demonstrate over the past 5-6months, such as their few regards for human constitutional rights. Most experts have suggested that given what the American government has experienced in the case of George Floyd, a national protest and revolution isn’t far away.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, there were countless reports of cases involving police treating people brutally. Some Indians were beaten and starved – a situation that attracted the attention of international bodies. People are beginning to ask lots of questions about why the police find it hard to act in line with stipulations of the constitutions.


Are Muslims under-represented?

There has been a major problem with Indian police which is a lack of diversity. For instance, STs and SCs don’t seem to be properly represented in the police force. Although they have reservations, such isn’t the case in reality. There are lots of reserved positions in the Indian police force which have remained unoccupied over the years.


With the problem being experienced in the US, there is every reason to believe that the Indian government needs to start reviewing the police system. This can help to address a pressing issue like brutality that is beginning to affect the country’s reputation, especially in the international community.


The roles of religious differences?

The issue of police brutality and religious sentiments can’t be separated. Experts are of the opinion that the latter has led to the former. For instance, Dalits and Muslims are the most affected in such cases of brutality. A typical example of this is when Mohammad Akhlaq got lynched in 2015 by a mob.


It is therefore important to note that such brutality is only aimed at the minority population in India. Over 90% of cases related to torture can be traced to involving Muslims. Even those who plan to support the cause of Muslims aren’t safe from police brutality. There have been suggestions that Muslims should have equal representation like other religions in the Indian police force. Whether this can help in cases related to brutality is yet to be seen though.


Will there be a revolution?

One of the reasons for the protest in the USA about how George Floyd was brutally treated by the American police was increased hardship due to the lockdown. The case of India is even worse given that most parts of the country have been characterized by famine, hardship, and other economic problems over the years. These have led to a high level of poverty amongst the people.


Based on these happenings, it is only a matter of time before a national protest will be embarked on. Given that this problem has been going on for years without being addressed, Indians will definitely get the support of the international community. Police brutality is one issue that seems to be plaguing the country’s growth. With a problem such as this, she may find it hard moving forward in the next couple of years. 2020 has been a year marked with hardships but 2021 could be a much worse year.


Conclusion on India Police Brutality

Without the issue of police brutality being properly addressed by the government, the future of India definitely looks very bleak. Indians need to continue to pressure the government peaceful to address India police brutality and ensure all minorites are represented equally.   The future of India is in the hands of it’s people.


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