Los Angeles Riots – 2 Deputies Shot as Protests Escalates in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Riots
Two Sheriff Deputies Shot in Los Angeles

Los Angeles riots seem to be the norm these last few weeks as BLM protests continue.  Two sheriff deputies were shot in the Los Angeles protests which can only be classified as a cowardly ambush.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department announced the ambush September 12th on their Twitter feed along with a video of the shooting that you can watch here.

In the video, the shooter walks up to the car and without warning shoots both officers through the closed windows.  The shooter immediately runs away.   A second video show one of the officers helping her partner who was shot in the head.

Both deputies were treated at St. Francis medical center, the local hospital, and are expected to recover. You can continue to follow the story and the recovery of the officers on their Twitter feed or Facebook page.  Our hearts and prayers go out to both officers and their families and hope the coward who shot them is arrested soon.

Los Angeles Riots Public Response

Los Angeles Protest
A man laughs after two sheriff deputies shot.

One reaction from a nearby TikTok user was what appears to be laughter and joy and indicating that nobody was helping them as the ambulance and police cars arrived.

Shortly after the deputies arrived at St. Francis medical center a small crowd of protesters arrived including at least one shouting he hoped the officers died as the police and ambulances arrive in the background.  The local law enforcement immediately took action and requested the crowed to disburance.

Another disturbing moment was a video of one deputy helping the other but an observer who thought it was more important to film them than actually help.

The shooter is still at large and the Los Angeles County Sheriff department is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the coward who amubshed and shot the two deputies.




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