Ted Wheeler, he has made everybody mad

Portland has declared a riot for 80 plus days because Mayor Wheeler has done nothing to stop it, this has upset a lot of the cities moderate to conservative groups.  At the same time, the actual protesters and/or rioters are mad because he still hasn’t done anything in their view to correct the social injustice in the city.

First, he blamed the presence of federal officers in the city on the riots which were withdrawn after a compromise between Mayor Wheeler and the Trump administration.  This did nothing to relieve the violence in the city as the riots continue nightly.

Then, Mayor Wheeler blamed the riots on President Trump spreading hatred and encouraging his followers to commit violence.  This didn’t work either because after that the rioters began protesting Mayor Wheeler for doing nothing for social justice by protesting outside his apartment and even chaining themself together in the lobby.

It seems at the least he could have by now done something that would make one side or the other but his inaction and blame game has managed to make both sides even madder.


Great Job Mayor Wheeler you manager to piss off everybody!



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