Dijon Kizzee

Dijon Kizzee was killed by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department on Monday, August 31, 2020, at approximately 3:15 p.m.

The deputies were patrolling the area when they observed an individual, Dijon Kizzee,  riding a bicycle commit a code violation.  Dijon Kizzee was riding the bicycle and was described as a black male approximately 30 years of age. When the officers attempted to stop the Dijon Kizzee discarded the bike and began to run.  The deputies caught up to Dijon Kizzee after a length foot chase, at which time the Dijon Kizzee punched one of the deputies in the face.

The police have indicated the following happened after the officer was punched.  Dijon Kizzee dropped his jacked and a black pistol fell out of the pocket and to the ground.  The police indicate that Dijon Kizzee reached for the gun at which time they shot him numerous times include at least one shot when he was on the ground. Dijon Kizzee was announced dead at the scene.

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